My dear future Seniors,

During your never-ending summer, you will have to do three major things for IB Film.
Think about your film for the Production Portfolio assessment. You will have to pitch it during the third class whenever you are back to school.
Make sure you have all sources for your Independent Study.
Create a Biopic – It’s a 4 – 5 minutes documentary about someone relevant or a relevant fact of your family. Something that is worth sharing with an audience like a story, someone famous, an event or anything. Make it interesting. Be creative in your approach. You will be evaluated by your creativity and technical skills in the sense of filmic language. Here you can have the  Production Generic Rubric . Do not worry about the camera. It’s a documentary so you can film with whatever you have available. It will be due at the end of the second week of school.
Here you can see two good examples of biopic and also movies that were used to as university application.
If you have any questions, please let me know and enjoy the summer! Watch a ton of films! 😀

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